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The Internet has been a great problem–solver for home sellers. They can start to consider a home sale much earlier, spend more time on research, and gather more information to see how their home might be positioned in the current market.

However, did you know that there is a great deal of suspect and inaccurate information on the Web in regard to real estate and particularly home values? Some of it comes from court tax records, which are notoriously inaccurate value statistics. Other value estimates on the Web come simply from gathering listing price data. It’s not an accurate value until a buyer and seller agree on a number, so listing numbers are just a guess. We will give you a better valuation estimate through actual sales data from the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service).

Kingsmen Property Solutions works with licensed Realtors who can sell your house fast for the most amount of money.

Kingsmen Property Solutions’ proven house selling strategies continue to achieve outstanding results! We can assist with home preparation, independent broker referrals, listing advice, marketing strategy development, contract negotiations, and closing. Our approach, which sells our clients existing home quicker by shortening its time on the market, results in a lowered cost and gives our clients more time, money and freedom.

We offer two great options for selling your home fast:

Professional Home Buyers

Do you need to sell your house fast? We have rigorously screened real estate investors across Texas who buy houses professionally. If the situation is right for both of you, the home buyer can buy your house for cash within just a few days—or on whatever schedule works best for you.

Get a check in your hands in as little as 5 days!

Sell Your Home For Cash

Quick-Sale Real Estate Agents

We also have enlisted real estate agents in North Texas who have been specially selected for their ability to sell homes fast. They have gone through a rigorous screening process as well and already have a set of individuals ready to buy.

Find the perfect Realtor for your situation!

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There are so many things to do to move to a successful sale, and we are here to advise, assist, and assure success.
Kingsmen Property Solutions
We help our clients to value their property through a thorough CMA, Comparative Market Analysis reports using current listing price data and past sold comparable property sales.
It’s important that we help you to search the MLS® on our site to learn about currently listed similar homes in your area. Only by knowing the competition can you make improvements and set a competitive listing price.
Kingsmen Property Solutions has perfected a marketing plan for every type of property in North Texas. Some things work better in some areas and price ranges than others. We’ll show you a specific plan for your property.
We consider it our obligation to help you to thoroughly and objectively evaluate your home’s condition and features to properly assess how it competes in the current market.
A property that isn’t priced well will either leave money on the table for our sellers or cause the property to linger on the market. We do thorough CMA reports to help our sellers value their properties with realistic market expectations.
Markets don’t just change monthly, they change daily in many instances. As new listings come on the market and others sell, the supply/demand ratio changes and your price may need to be adjusted. Our Realtors will provide you with regular market updates to keep you in the loop.
We do the marketing and property valuation process well, and that means you’ll be seeing a buyer with a contract soon. We are with you every step of the way in the contract price negotiations and will work to get you the top price possible with the fewest concessions.
The negotiations rarely end with the price however. Once the buyer completes their inspection and document examination processes, they often object to things discovered and request corrective action that involves expense to the seller. We’re here to work with you every step of the way and help you to keep the deal alive without “giving up the farm.”
There are more than 50 tasks, objectives and deliveries involved in taking a seller side transaction from contract through a successful closing. We’re on top of all of them to make sure you leave the closing table with a check to move on with life.