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New Home Construction

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It takes more than square footage and amenities to construct a beautiful home.  You need knowledge of the materials available, the craftsmen to make those materials work in harmony, respect for the design, ability to communicate with the homeowner, and the drive to get the job done on schedule and on budget.

Custom Builder, Spec Builder and Tract Builders

In the building industry, there are several different types of homebuilders. Often, the terms custom homebuilder, tract home builder and spec home builder are used, so it’s difficult to understand what type of builder you need for your home or project. Below, are some thoughts on the differences between them.

Custom Home Builders are generally small-volume builders and build one-of-a-kind houses on your land. They may offer design/build services or just general contracting services. They tend to build luxury features in homes, such as taller ceiling height and larger doors and room sizes. The homebuyer can make big changes, like adding another garage, custom rooms and additional bathrooms. Building a custom home provides possibilities to create a home that truly fits your lifestyle.

A custom home might be a very large, medium or even a small sized home. It could be very standard in many ways but still be a custom home. People often think of a custom home as being an elaborate, large mansion, while that can be the case, both large estate and a small house could be custom homes.

Generally, the homeowner, homebuilder and architect decide on variables for the home that will make it different from other homes. It will usually be customized to the new owner’s tastes and desires for amenities, features, size, creative touches, and style. As an example, a popular trend today are small custom homes for baby boomers to “age in place” allowing for features that will accommodate disabilities in their future.

Custom homes are simply a site-specific home built from a unique set of plans for a specific client.

Spec Home Builders are built by builders who buy a lot or land, build a house, and then sell the home. The builder “speculates” that he will make money from this transaction of buying a lot and building a custom or semi-custom home on it.

It may sell during the course of construction, in which case, the homebuyer may be able to choose many of the finishes, however the builder, rather than the homebuyer determined the “floor plan” before breaking ground.  Spec homes are not always large custom homes. Oftentimes, the home is a small or medium sized home with custom features and styles. A spec home could be a very plain home or it could be a large, luxury, decorated mansion. Either way, if the builder bought the land and is building it specifically to sell, it would be thought of as a spec home.

Tract or Production Home Builders are developers or builders who own a large plot (tract) of land, which is divided into numerous smaller lots for “stock plan homes” to be built on. A Tract or Production builder generally has model homes that will be the home designs built on these lots. Generally, there is not a lot of opportunity to make changes to these homes. Tract builders are large-volume builders and build all types of housing. Single-family, condominiums, town houses and condominiums are a few properties types. The faster the properties sell, the faster they try to keep building to keep up with demand. There is usually little doubt about what type of house will be built next door, and the sub-division will probably build out quickly. These homes are built with price-point as a major consideration, so quality can be compromised. Elements like hardware cabinets and appliances are the more obvious areas where money may have been saved. Other areas might include framing components, paint grades, shingles and carpet grade to mention a few. If someone isn’t familiar with construction methods and materials, these components are not obvious to the typical buyer. Tract homes may be comparatively inexpensive and not well suited for a short-term investment. Resale value is the greatest disadvantage to a tract home. There is enormous competition when selling a tract home. Price is usually about the only thing that makes one more appealing than another identical house down the street.

DFW Home Builders

ASHTON WOODS has more than 2 decades of experience in high-quality home development, not to mention winning one of the largest private builders in the nation. They are renowned for combining years of skills and unique personalization from customers. Visit ASHTON WOODS to find out about the sustainable communities they’ve built in more than 10 states across the country.
Beazer helps make the process of buying a home more enjoyable by giving you more mortgage options, more flexible home plans to choose from and built-in energy savings that put money.
Classic Urban Homes builds homes for how people really live. The simple yet classy style they bring allows the home to be open and blend many different styles together.
David Weekley is a company striving to not just make great homes but enhance the lives of those around them. This philosophy is true both for their employees and the customers associated with them.
From being local house makers to the largest builder of homes in the United States, D.R. Horton has come a long way since its inception in 1978. Innovative design, top-notch craftsmanship in building ideal neighborhoods and excellent customer service makes them the most trusted builders of America.
Grand Homes is recognized as America’s Best Builder in 2011 and have proven to be a leader and award winning company in the homebuilding industry.
Gehan Homes has been building high quality homes for the state of Texas for over 35 years now. They understand how big of an investment you’re making in your new home and are happy.
As one of the largest luxury home builders in the Dallas area for over 40 years, Hawkins-Welwood Homes knows what it takes to not only design a luxury home, but serve the customer to satisfy to the fullest.
Highland Homes builds with lifestyle in mind. Thoughtful designs extend beyond the highly crafted four walls, and considers the surrounding master-planned communities for maximum re-sale value.
LGI Homes is one of Texas’ premier new home builders, with residential communities in four metropolitan areas. LGI Homes strives every day to prove it has earned that rating by providing customers with attractive, affordable homes and exceptional customer service.Outstanding quality and exemplary customer service ensure LGI Homes stands out from their competitors, and their no money down option helps turn home ownership dreams into reality.
Meritage Homes is a leading home builder across the nation. This is because each home is built with care, using innovative designs, and supplements that will create an enduring value.
Our Country Homes is a premier custom home builder in North Richland Hills, Frisco, Keller, Garland, Sanger, and other Dallas/Ft Worth new home communities.
Pulte Homes is a nationally known homebuilder that always keeps their customer’s interest in mind. Their mission has always been to build the best home in the best possible location.
At Sandlin homes, we know family begins with a solid foundation. And a family’s foundation must begin with a company that’s solid from the ground up.
Tilson is a custom home builder that allows you to choose your own lot and they’ll do the rest.
At Toll Brothers, we build more than homes; we build communities. In our communities, luxury meets convenience and neighbors are friends. Since 1967, we’ve been creating luxury communities in the best locations across the country.
True North Custom Homes stands by the old saying of “the customer knows best.” Through there many years of building homes they have learned that it’s better to be honest with the customer.
WillowTree is the premier luxury homebuilder in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We provide professional design and building services to give our clients expertly conceived and precisely crafted new homes, renovations and additions.
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