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Experience, Relationships  and Technology

Kingsmen Property Solutions provides full-service, one-stop-shop solutions for your real estate and relocation needs. We combine our real estate experience with the power of our industry wide relationships with 100’s of companies and realtors nationwide. We are able to offer our clients the best solutions for their properties, homes, and loved ones. With over 20 combined years of experience we know the market and can confidently put together custom solutions to ensure our customers get the best deals and the highest quality of service. Besides being well experienced in the real estate industry, we also have the advantage of having our own in house technology gurus. Our team ensures we are using the latest technology and state of the art equipment to connect us with thousands of resources 24 hours a day. Our systems are automated to work even when other companies sleep. When you fill out one of our solution forms or give us a call, it starts a process to find you the best property or senior solution. Whether, you are looking to buy a home, sell your house, get a cash offer, rent out your property or find a senior living solution, we have got you covered.

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The people in this world who are the most happy are the ones who don't do things just for the money or recognition. They do it to help others.

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